Backflow Testing

Pine Enterprises test and certifies backflow systems

Backflow Device Testing and Maintenance

Pine Enterprises is unique in that our service includes a one-time test and certification good for one full year.  Longer term service agreements are also available, we call it our “one call does it all” program.  Our current service area includes Georgia and Florida.  If you currently have any job sites in one or more of these states, you can contact us and sign-up for testing of all your backflow assemblies RIGHT NOW!


Backflow Device Installation

Unlike most companies that only test and certify backflows. Pine Enterprises, LLC is a fully-licensed plumbing and utility contractor specializing in water, sewer and backflow testing certification and repair. With over 40 years of experience installing and testing both commercial and residential water and sewer systems. Pine Enterprises has the right people, equipment and certifications to get the job done right the first time.


Backflow System Surveys

The below statement taken directly from the City of Gainesville Georgia Code:Sec.5-2-12 requires the water purveyor to have performed annually, a recorded survey based on a containment form of cross-connection control or on an isolation form of cross-connection control. Failure to do so is outlined in Sec.5.2.14 Authority to Disconnect Service. Under Title 10.(Code 1958,§ 25-12)
“All persons connected to or proposing to connect to the city public water supply system shall install and maintain a building water conveyance system which minimizes cross connection between potable and non-potable water flows”

Pine Enterprises has the technical expertise to perform and maintain a complete municipal survey that incorporates the on-site inspection with the test results of all installed backflow prevention assemblies in our computer database for review by EPA personnel.


Backflow Computerized Inventory

If you are a current customer, Pine Enterprises maintains the record-keeping portion of your corporate backflow program as part of your backflow certification.  30 days prior to your annual certification due date, we will contact you to schedule an appointment to ensure your continued compliance with local, state and EPA requirements.

If you are a municipal customer and have the capabilities as some of our Florida counties have,  Pine Enterprises maintains the backflow prevention certifications and incorporates them into your system survey on a daily basis, thus ensuring that on any given day, your municipal cross-connection control program is up-to-date and ready for review by EPA personnel.

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