Backflow testing and installation

Pine Enterprises can test and install ANY backflow system

Pine Enterprises specializes in the installation, replacement and certification/testing of both Residential and Commercial backflow assemblies in Georgia and Florida.

Nationwide there are more than 10,000 reported cased of backflow contamination each year. Some cases have been fatal. Backflow assemblies are required by law in Georgia, Florida and almost every other state. Besides having to be installed with accordance with plumbing or building codes, all testable assembles require annual testing by a certified contractor to remain in compliance with County and/or State codes.



What is a backflow assembly?

Any device that has been approved to prevent backflow into the public drinking water supply. Backflow is caused by backsiphonage or backpressure.


Do I need a backflow assembly?

If you have received a letter from your water department where you are located, you will be instructed on whether a backflow assembly is required along with information on what type of device and possibly a list of approved installers and testers. If your location already has a backflow assembly, the letter may state that your assembly is due for the annual testing. The testing technician will inspect the assembly to make sure it is performing properly and file all paperwork with the water department.


Health categories:

There are two types of categories associated with backflow prevention, they are high hazard an low hazard. High hazard or containment, is the impairment of the quality of water which creates an actual hazard to the public health through poisoning or through the spreading of diseases by sewage, industrial fluids, etc. Some high hazard examples include: Medical facilities, car washes, laundry, dry cleaning operations and textile manufacturing. Low hazard or pollutant, is the impairment of the quality of water which does not create a hazard to the public health but which does adversely and unreasonably affect the aesthetic qualities of such water for domestic use. Some low hazard examples include: Schools, churches, hotels, dairies, restaurants and bottling plants.

Useful Information

To review Georgia State Law regarding backflow assembly requirements click here: Georgia State Law updated Jan 1, 2009

For information on Florida’s law and codes, please visit the FDEP site forĀ Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention

Florida Summary of Drinking Water Regulations